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Downloading these fonts should be as simple as clicking on the font graphic samples. All TTF are in zipped format. After de-compacting the archive, copy the file *.TTF in the WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory. Then, use the standard Microsoft Control Panel to install the new font. For more details about how to install new fonts under Windows 3.1 and more recent, or under compatible environments, refer to the Microsoft Windows manual, or Microsoft technical support.

American Indian 79 KB
Shareware by Laser Printing Solutions

Amphibiprint 157 KB
Freeware by Astigmatic One Eye

Andi's Critters 11.9 KB
Linkware by Andi Darnell
If you like the font and use it, please place a link back to

Animal Crackers Eval 23 KB
Shareware by Steven J. Lundeen
This is an evaluation version, containing six of the clipfont's 26 characters. To get the whole thing pay $1.

Animals 48 KB
Freeware by Alan Carr

Animal Tracks 69 KB
Shareware by Andrew D. Taylor

Ann Crawlers 54 KB
Freeware by Ann Stretton

Ant Pile 35 KB
Freeware by Fish Dicks Inc.

Disclaimer: As far as I know, ALL of these animal-related PC fonts are Shareware or Freeware. The font files should include their copyright disclaimers -- as all were left in their original zip files. In some cases, atm or Postscript files were deleted because for now this is a TRUE TYPE site. When there were no copyright disclaimers or copyright references in the file headers, I took it for Freeware. All Dog Hause fonts come from the Usenet or from other font web pages. If you see any copyright infringements or maybe you are the "owner" of the copyright to one of these fonts, please send me an email. Thank you!

[A] [B] [C] [D-E] [F-H] [I-L] [M-P] [R-S] [T-U] [V-Z]

Note: These are PC Fonts! Mac users will need to use TTConverter to convert the PC TrueType for Mac use (Thanks to Dog Hause visitor Barb for that one).

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