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Clip Art

Downloading these clip art collections should be as simple as clicking on the underlined links. The graphics are in *.gif format in several ZIPped collections. To preview any of these collections, click the corresponding Preview links. After you are done previewing, click the Back button on your browser to return to this page.

Some of these images DO have copyrights but as far as the Dog Hause knows it is still okay to use them for personal use. If you are the owner of one or more of these images and this is not the case, please send email and they will be removed immediately. Thanks!

Clip Art Collection 1
Download CA1.ZIP
2 Birds, 3 Bunnies, 11 Cats

Clip Art Collection 2
Download CA2.ZIP
16 Cats

Clip Art Collection 4
Download CA4.ZIP
16 Dogs

Clip Art Collection 5
Download CA5.ZIP
11 Dogs, 2 Fish, 1 Frog,
3 Guinea Pigs

Clip Art Collection 6
Download CA6.ZIP
2 Horses, 1 Cat, 2 Lizards,
3 Mice, 1 Snake, 1 Turtle

SPECIAL NOTE: If you are looking for art to put on your web site (and who isn't?) you might want to look at the Animal Fonts and the Spay and Neuter graphics. The Animal Fonts Collection is filled with really wonderful dingbats that you can make into your own sizable graphics. And the Spay and Neuter Graphics section is full of cute graphics that you can put on your site to let the world know that you support spay and neuter.


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